Bashar Sh. Karim

Bashar Sh. Karim

Mr. Karim obtained his Bachelor in Law from The University of Mosul in 2002, when he became a member with Iraqi  Bar Association  in 2002. He practiced law in various courts of laws in entire Iraq including the Kurdistan Region. Mr. Karim is specialized in Oil and Gas matters in Kurdistan and Iraq.  he has intensive experiences for over 10 years specializing in Oil and Gas sector in Iraq, Kurdistan Region and Northern Africa. He handles the legal needs of the International Oil Companies and oil services companies, as he was one the first Iraqi lawyer with international oil companies entering the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. He represented major energy investors in exploring oil and gas. He also represented international oil companies before the Ministry of Oil in the Republic of Iraq and before the Ministry of Natural Resources in Kurdistan Regional Government. Additionally, Mr. Karim regularly litigates before Iraqi courts as well as Kurdistan Region courts in civil, criminal and labor courts.

Mr. Karim is familiar with all the administrative rules and regulations of the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government. He handles a high volume of contract matters related to importing and exporting petroleum equipment.  Mr Karim has a great track record in obtaining various licenses for importing and exports energy equipment on behalf of his international clients.

As an integral part of his oil and gas practice, Mr. Karim is well versed in environmental law. He worked closely with corporates and advised them on preparing Environmental Impact Reports and approved by Ministry of Environment in Kurdistan Region Government.

In addition to his unique Oil and Gas expertise, Mr. Karim is a great litigator. He practices civil, criminal litigation, labor, banking, taxation, family law & commercial law, during his years of practicing law in different level of courts in provinces of Erbil, Dohuk and Sulimania in Kurdistan Region as well as courts of Baghdad in Iraq he received intensive experience in local law.

Bashar Karim is honest, strong, patient and a good listener. This qualities, and much more, make him the ideal choice for the foreign companies seeking representation to enter  and operate within a fast growing emerging market like Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


Practice Areas :

  • Oil & Gas
  • Commercial Law
  • Civil and Criminal Litigation
  • Banking
  • Real Estate
  • Family Law
  • Tax Law
  • Environmental Law


Bars :

  • Iraqi Lawyers Bar
  • Kurdistan Lawyer Bar