Dr. Samir Tawfiq

Dr. Samir Tawfiq

Dr. Samir Tawfiq received his Bachelor in law from Baghdad University  in 1977 within top in his class this is qualified him to continue his higher education by enrolling into Master degree program which he obtained in 1979 after that immediately he pursued his PhD  in law and obtained his PhD in Philosophy of Law (Public Law) in 1981. Dr. Samir jointed Iraqi embassy in Paris – France as Political & Journalistic Attache he worked at the Iraqi embassy in Paris from 1982 till 1991. During his stay his in Paris he lecturered Law in numerous of French Universities for over of 8 years. In 2002 Dr. Samir obtained Bachelor in French Literature from Baghdad University. He Provide expert and strategic legal advice to Wiseman Law Firm, set internal governance policies and manage the impact of external factors, he also leads complex legal matters including working with management in the creation of defense strategies and/or proactive strategies regarding major legal actions. Dr. Samir is frequently called upon to provide seminars in Law and Politics to the official employees in governmental bodies in Kurdistan Region Government.   


Position :

  • Lecturer at college of Law and Political Sciences – Baghdad  University.
  • Lecturer at Baker University for Military Studies Post Graduated level.  
  • Dean of Collage of Law, British Royal University in Erbil till present
  • Director of researches and strategical studies center in Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iraqi Government  
  • Director of Journal and Information at Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • General Director of the Eastern Research Publications and Media Foundation (French Foundation) Paris
  • Editor of the magazine of the Arabs issued in Paris 1983 – 1991
  • Supervising student of post graduated for PhD and Master in Law, Political Sciences & Journalism.  


Education Degrees :

  • Bachelor in Law 1977
  • Maser in Law 1979
  • PhD in Philosophy of Law (Public Law) 1981
  • Bachelor in French literature 2002


Books Issued by Dr. Samir :

  • The principle of the rule of law – study in Legal Philosophy. 1977
  • National Security Theory 1983
  • Legitimacy of the socialist system 1984
  • Legal and Political studies about Iraqi – Irani War 1986
  • Dozens of research strategy, political and security and psychological warfare
  • Winner of the State Prize to honor scientists



  • Iraqi Bar Association – Baghdad
  • Iraqi – French Journalist Association
  • Iraqi Jurists Association



  1. Arabic

  2. Kurdish

  3. English

  4. French