Faisal Mahatta

Faisal Mahatta

Faisal Mahatta received his Bachelor in Law from University of Salahdeen in 2009 when he became  a member with Kurdistan  Bar Association then he practice law in courts of Law in Kurdistan region and the rest of Iraq. Mr. Mahatta is engaged in different areas of practice he started with real estate and carried on to family law, civil and criminal litigations, during last 6 years of practice he gained significant experience in law which make him successful attorney in the areas which he practice. Mr. Mahatta handle clients requirements and achieve them as it is been required by the clients he is great fighter he dose not give easily when he represent any one and defend his client’s right in very professional manner if you looking for reliable attorney in the legal field you should then hire Mr. Mahatta because he is a perfect protector for your business. Mr. Mahatta’s Ideal experience in the field of law makes it a great choice for the protection and development of your business in Iraq and Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


Practice Areas :

  • Municipalities Claims
  • Corporate Registration
  • Trade Mark Registration
  • Corporate income Tax
  • Real Estate Law
  • Family Law
  • Criminal & Civil Litigation
  • Labor Law
  • Juvenile Law
  • Traffic Law
  • Non Governmental Organizatiosn


Members :

  • Kurdistan Bar Association
  • Kurdistan Jurist Association
  • Member with Union of Chambers of Commerce
  • Gender Study Organization, Head of the legal department.  


Non-Governmental Organizations Works :

  • Observer during referendum about  Iraqi Constitution 2005
  • Volunteer in the People’s Aid Organization 2007 till present
  • Volunteer in PAK organization 2008
  • Volunteer in the Sun network to monitor elections
  • Supervisor of the parliamentary elections in Kurdistan
  • Supervisor of elections Presidency of the Republic of Iraq twice consecutively
  • Supervisor of Iraq’s parliament elections two consecutively
  • Monitor the Electoral Commission as a station manager
  • Acted as Team Leader with Peace Generation Net work for monitoring the elections 2014.


Certificates :

  • USAID Course in Funding- Erbil Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  • Kurdistan Bar Association
  • Kurdistan Jurist Association, Appreciation certificate
  • National Democracy Organization
  •  British Royal University in Erbil, Course in Administrative Law
  • ACE Organization Art of conversation & dialogue
  • Cehan University Courses in Arbitration and Law Firms
  • IREX Organization The role of media in news
  • Sun network course in (TOT) Training of Trainee